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Everything you need to know about buying a house at auction

How to buy a house in Victoria


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A modern up-to-date book about house auctions – in fact the first book about house auctions in over a decade, and the first book to give you a step by step guide as to how to prepare for, and participate in, a house auction

There is advice on:​

  • how and when to bid 

  • how to stop bidding once you reach your limit

  • how to work out what your limit should be

  • what to do if another bidder tries to psych you out 

  • why you should be happy that the house is being auctioned

  • what you need to do to properly prepare for an auction (what reports you might need, what inspections you should carry out, what advice you might need, organising finance)

  • how to avoid being a victim of dummy bidding

  • whether you should make a pre-auction offer

  • how to maximise your chances of getting a house if it is passed in (and of getting a good price)

  • how to increase your luck at auctions

and pretty much anything else you can think of about house auctions – there are 30 chapters, spread over 204 pages in A4 format.

But don’t let its size put off.  For instance, the advice about bidding is simple and robust: the 4 main concepts, and that’s all you really need to remember, can be set out in 15 words. 

The book also takes you, step-by-step, right through the process of buying at auction from when you find a house to celebrating getting it.

After you have read it, you will approach any future auction with the confidence of knowing what you are doing, and that nothing can happen that you won’t be able to handle.  There’s even a fairly good chance that you will be able to enjoy the whole experience.

All that, and at no risk to you.

Yes, indeed.  If for any reason you think your $19.95 is money not well spent, it will be cheerfully refunded, no questions asked, any time within 90 days after you buy the book.  And, what’s more, you can still keep your copy!


How’s that for confidence that you will find the book useful?

There are 2 versions of each Guide available for purchase:

  • a B5 version, which is the most suitable version for e-readers and mobile phone screens;

  • an A4 version, which is the most suitable for reading on a computer screen, and for printing.

If you find that the version you choose is not the one for you, I will be happy to swap it for another version at no cost – simply send me an email.

If you buy the B5 version, I will supply you with a free copy of the A4 version on request (instructions on how to do this are on page 2 of the Guide).  

If you would like to get a better idea of what's in the Guide, have a look at the table of contents below:

​The Guide is designed to give you confidence in bidding at house auctions, and to give you control of what happens when you find a house you like that is going to auction.  

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How to buy a house in Victoria





My name is Ben Piper, and I am a refugee from the Southern Highlands of New South Wales who has lived in Melbourne, the auction capital of the world, since I was 10 years old, which was quite a while ago.  That means that I have been exposed to lots of auctions as a participant or as an on-looker.

After school I completed Commerce and Law degrees at the University of Melbourne.  I then spent the bulk of my working life writing laws, including laws about auctions.  Writing laws about auctions meant that my interest in auctions ramped up way above the interest that a normal Melbourne person would have in them. 

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The best way to contact me is by email:

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